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Smaller Barrel Ageing

This is an excerpt from the De-Bour-Can Guide. Inorder to learn more you will need to purchase the guide.

“…..smaller barrels allow whiskey to age more quickly. The only information I had at the time was that a 10gal barrel would age .. years for every one year in a normal 53gal barrel. This is due to the fact that the surface area of the interior of the barrel is much larger per volume of liquid in a smaller barrel (i.e. there is less liquid and more charred wall space per volume in a smaller barrel)…..after a large amount of time on calculations and some insider information from some macro and some micro distilleries, we have been able to develop some tabular and graphical data that will pretty accurately yet, still approximately tell you how long to keep the whiskey in the barrel for proper aging…..note that the finial graph illustrated is logarithmic in scale and has been deemed the most accurate way to determine an aged value for any size barrel (up to a 53gal barrel) at a glance.  There is no other information like this, that we have found, that is this comprehensive and that is provided to the public.”

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