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Nose to Nose Bourbon

Ask yourself a simple question, “Why do I like Bourbon?”. Do you have an answer, good (it is ok if you do not)! May be your answer was that it is more distinguished than drinking beer or a cocktail. May be it is because of the history of where it came from or may be it is because of the flavor and smell of your favorite libation.

You probably thought of single effects or memories of your bourbon experiences. Well I am here to let you know that you are only expressing a few pieces of the whole puzzle! Bourbon is an expression of the freshly harvested grains and an extension of the Master Distiller hands. It has been hand crafted for centuries in order to get to your lips and nose. So, immerse yourself into what Bourbon is; it is an expression of oneself.

Your Bourbon experience should never be rushed from outside intrusions. Every time you look at a bottle of bourbon you should think about the history and journey that it took to get to your hand. When you open the bottle take a second and listen to the squeak and pop of the cork, take a nose of the bourbon from within the bottle and enjoy it a moment. Look at the color of your bourbon and think about how it became that way. Pour your libation in to a crystal tumbler and listen to it trickling in. Explore the aromas from within the glass not just through the aperture of your mouth.

As you take your first sip don’t just drink it, take a moment to allow for the esters to engulf your palate. Let them swim on your tongue and dance on your cheeks. When your glass is finally empty don’t be upset yet, the best part has just begun. Let your glass breath for a moment or two while allowing for the liquid to evaporate some. Raise the glass to your nose and inhale all of the aromas from the mash and yeast tubs. Oh, it is wonderful! From Nose to Nose, from Start to finish the aromas turn full circle.

If you ever get the chance to take a distillery tour while it is in production you will understand the smell/nose I am referring to. When the mash is cooking and then transferred to the yeast tubs for fermenting, the smells that are released are intoxicating. You may be able to relive this moment at the bottom of your glass; and when the nose has faded it is then time again to fill your glass with Bourbon and with all of its history and glory.

Aqua Vitae


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