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My Whisk(e)ys and Libations

These are the other Whisk(e)ys and Libations that we have here at SHW. Just let us know if there is something that you are interested in and would like a review on.

These are listed in “Grouping Types”.


American Whiskey:

Sam Houston 86 Proof


Tennessee Straight Whiskey:

George Dickel Barrel Select (10-12 years) 86 Proof

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 94 Proof

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Silver Select 100 Proof


Rye Whiskey:

James E. Pepper 1776 Non-chilled filtered 100 Proof

Jefferson’s (10 years) 94 Proof

RittenHouse (4 years) 100 Proof

Jim Beam 80 Proof


Wheat Whiskey:

Bernheim Orginial (Special Edition Single Barrel) 90 Proof


Scotland Whisky:

Chivas Regal (12 years) 80 Proof

Aberlour (Oak and Sherry Cask aged) (12 years) 86 Proof

Justerini & Brooks (J&B) 80 Proof

Cutty Sark 86 Proof

The Glenlivet (12 years) 80 Proof


Ireland Whiskey:

Bushmills Original 80 Proof

Bushmills (Bourbon and Sherry Cask Aged) (10 years) 80 Proof


Indian Whiskey

Antiquity Rare 85.6 Proof

Aristocrat Premium 80 Proof


Canadian Whiskey:

Crown Royal 80 Proof

TAP 357 Maple Rye 81 Proof


Other Aged and Un-Aged Spirits:


Mount Gay Extra Old (Bourbon cask Aged) 86 Proof

Ron Bacardi Superior 80 Proof

Ron Bacardi Select 80 Proof

Ron Bacelo Anejo 70 Proof

Captin Morgan Spiced 70 Proof


French  Cognac:

Courvoisier VS 80 Proof



Grey Goose 80 Proof

Heaven Hill 80 Proof



Heaven Hill Extra Dry 80 Proof



El Tesoro Anejo (100% Blue Agave – oak aged) (3 years) 80 Proof

1800 Reserve Reposado (100% Agave) 80 Proof

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