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Newest Bourbon Review: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel Bourbon

May 30, 2012

Wild Turkey “Kentucky Spirit” Single Barrel

Wild Turkey has an extremely strong heritage in bourbon distilling, ageing and bottling.  I have tasted almost all of the bourbon that they produce and none of their other expressions match up to this one. There is a reason why these particular barrels were selected to become single barrel expressions. This distillery is tucked in the hills of Lawrenceburg Kentucky and has established a new home for itself. It is just across the street from the old distillery.

Wild Turkey set forth on an adventure to build a new “State of the Art” distillery. When I visited the old distillery, two years ago, there was not much left to desire. Yet, when I stood on top of the hill, near the old grain silos, I could see the new distillery being built. I am sure that the new distillery is a sight to see.


To the Bourbon:

101 Proof Single Barrel Bourbon

Age: 14 years

Bottle Statements:

Hand Selected by our Master Distiller

Barrel No. 44

Warehouse No. F

Rick No. 32

First notes:

The bottle is very elegant. A feather-like crown sits on the breast of the bottle. A beautifully made Wooden Cork topper has a CNC Laser or Engraved “Turkey” proudly on top.


The color within the bottle is almost a true Wild Flower Honey hue but, it has just a hint to medium Amber tint to it.

First nose:

The first nose right out of the bottle is of light corn and has a young bourbon barrel nose.

Nose in a glass:

There is an amount of sweet corn and a bit or nosy intensity within the glass.


This expression is rather sweet. Yet, it has a very pleasing medium to mild palate intensity. I am not a big fan of sweet bourbons. This single barrel is on the verge of being too sweet. It has a  strong essence of honey with a slight bit of vanilla. Only the slightest hint of oaky char presents itself at the very end of the profile. This is not a very complex expression but, it does have enough flavor to make it worth your while.

There is not much to speak of in the way of flavor while this libation is on your tongue though. Yet, when you swallow, there is a sudden pop on mild intensity, corn, orange rind and clove. It then evolves into a sweet lingering corn and barley after palate. There is just enough palate intensity to make your taste buds dance from sip to sip.


This is not going to be the best bourbon you have ever tasted. Honestly, it seems to be a bit young for a 14 year old; other than its beautiful palate presence. This 101 proof expression is nice but, I think that “Chill-Filtering” raped it of its loveliness. Or at least it could use a few more years in the barrel or a bit more rye to help the flavor along.

After a little while of breathing in the glass, a very low spice note presents itself. Yet, this very low spice expression will not go well with any type of water.

As a side note: I really like my bourbon from the freezer but, this may not be the best thing for this Single Barrel. The cold can sometime bring out a bit of mellifluousness from within a bourbon. The fatty acids start to congeal, which can produce a slight bit of sweetness. So if you are like me, I would suggest that this Wild Turkey Single Barrel Bourbon be served neat or mixed with your favorite cocktail. There are not too may High Priced bourbons that I would mix with anything but, this one is rather sweet and it would make a highly spectacular and high dollar Mint Julep.

Outsider review:

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit is a single-barrel that is Hand Selected and is a fuller bodied bourbon. It has rich vanilla flavors and a hint of sweetness leading to a long, dark, and lingering finish that is well rounded.

There will be a new review about every month. Stay tuned in for future reviews. Please write if you have a specific bourbon you would like a review on next!

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  1. Big M permalink
    August 1, 2013 10:00 am

    My friend bought a bottle of this, is it normal to have a few small particles in the bottom of the bottle?

    • August 4, 2013 8:20 pm

      Thanks for your question. Even though I have not had particles in this type of bourbon before, it is not totally uncommon to have some in the bottle. Most of the time these particles show up in non-chilled filtered bourbons over eight years old. These are from the fatty acids that are still in the fluid. This is one of the best things about the non-chilled filtered libations. They produce an abundance of flavor. This is why I prefer non-chilled filtered bourbons.

      Most likely your particles are from the cork topper. The pieces are, most likely, little bits of the cork. Cork is a natural material that is relatively brittle and may crumble/break apart. The cork can easly dry out (like all corks may do) if you do not keep it wet. The best thing to do for whiskey bottles, that have cork tops, is to tip the bottle to get the cork wet. Do this every/once month (if you plan on keeping you whiskey longer than that). You can also keep your bottles on their side, just like wine bottles. Note: bottle may leak. check from time-to-time. If your bottle does start to leak then put it up-right.

      I hope that his helps and please questions/comments coming. Have a great day.

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