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De-Bour-Can Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey is HERE!

April 29, 2012

Sycamore Hills Whiskey Presents the De-Bour-Can Brand Bourbon. The Next Sycamore Hills Whiskey that will be unveiled will be a Single Barrel “American Style” Whiskey and a Single Barrel “Rye” Whiskey; both aged in Bourbon Barrels.


The Long Awaited De-Bour-Can Single Barrel and Small Batch Bourbons have arrived!

Here are three expressions that have been Pioneered with the use of Micro Barreling techniques. The recipes have been developed to provide an extremely flavorful yet, mellow palate experience. All of these current De-Bour-Can Bourbon Expressions are made with Rye, Corn and Barely (their ratios are  a highly guarded secret).  Each Bourbon has been “Proofed” to complement its age and flavor profile.

Note: With slow aging and an Equable Milieu (Temperate Environment) Sweet Mash, these Very Very Small Batches of Straight Bourbons can allow for a higher Proof. The bourbon connoisseur and enthusiasts alike, will fall in love with the fresh grain and oaky oils that envelop your mouth and noses with pure bliss.

Current Be-Bour-Can Expressions are Non-Chilled Filtered to keep as much flavor and plate presence as possible. Their equivalent ages are noted:

1) Sycamore Hills Small Batch “AT1” Straight Bourbon (12 years) 105 Proof

2) Sycamore Hills Single Barrel” A1″  Straight Bourbon (12 years) 121 Proof

3) Sycamore Hills Single Barrel “T1” Straight Bourbon (12 years) 145 Proof (Barrel Proof)

We do not have labels yet but, at least you can see the diffrence in the color and hue between them.

There will be a review on these bourbons at a later date. Let us know if you are interested.

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