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Newest Whisk(e)y Review: Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey 10 yr

March 18, 2012

Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey 10 yr

We do not do many other types of Whisk(e)y reviews here at SHW but, every once and a while it is nice to try something different. Also, seeing that St. Patricks’ Day is here, we thought that this review may be fitting.

This is a bottle that one of my very dear friends gave to me for a birthday celebration. It is an Irish whiskey expression that comes from the one of the oldest Irish distillers known. The Bushmills Distillery claims to be, and is almost unanimously considered to be, the oldest licensed distillery in the world.

Bushmills has a rich heritage of whisk(e)y making and has been enjoyed by newcomers and enthusiast alike.

To the Whiskey:

Two Cask Aging Process (Bourbon and Sherry)

80 Proof Blended Barrels

Age: 10 years

Bottle Statements:

Single Malt Whiskey

Matured in Two Woods

“The World’s Oldest Whiskey Distillery”

First notes:

The bottle is very nice and has Embossed lettering on the side and front. There is a dark forest green label with gold lettering that proudly presents “Bushmills” and “Aged 10 Years” on the front of it. The bottle sports a nice cork topper as well.


The color within the bottle is a very light honeydew and amber.

First nose:

The first nose right out of the bottle is of light barley and oak.

Nose in a glass:

A bit of clove, barley and honey is in the front. Yet, a small amount of peat and sweet sherry is pronounced in the end of the glass.


This is a very light and refreshing expression. A slight bit of char and oak is in the very end of the profile yet, there is a simple bell curve of flavor and palate intensity. The intensity is extremely low and could be enjoyed by all. This is not a very complex whiskey but, still has enough flavor diversity throughout. An almost real honey quality presents itself right off the bat and then moves into a light barley note. There’s not much of any Sherry notes on the palate. All of the Sherry seems to come from the nose. Yet, at the end there is a light intensity that stays on you tongue and roof of your mouth.


You must understand that the large majority of Irish and Scottish whisk(e)ys are bottled at 80 Proof. This is not exactly what I am looking for in a whiskey but, this expression is very nice. I tend not to care for very sweet expressions; so I am glad that this 10 year old whiskey is not overly so. You could simply mix this in a cocktail but, could be best served chilled from the freezer. The flavors are so light and delicate that I would not suggest adding any water or ice. Especially since there is no real spice notes within the flavor profile. I also would suggest serving this, 10 years old, with a nice summer fish, cheese or fruit picnic. So, plan a day to be outside, under a tree or on a nice breezy hill side at your favorite state or national park.

Outsider review:

Bushmills 10 Year Malt is triple distilled from 100% malted barley and matured for a minimum of 10 years delivering rich honey and ripe fruit notes with soft vanilla, cocoa and toasted wood deluging the palate. The finish is crisp and clean.

There will be a new review about every month. Stay tuned in for future reviews. Please write if you have a specific bourbon you would like a review on next!

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