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Newest Bourbon Review: Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon

December 6, 2011

Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon

This bourbon is made by the Corner creek Distilling Co. and is bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd. Bardstown, KY. This is the same company that makes all of the Willett Family bourbons.

The distillery has this to say about their bourbon, “Using only the finest wheat, rye, and corn and aged in oak, Corner Creek is a selection of the distillery’s finest barrels. Smoothed to perfection with pure Kentucky limestone water, Corner Creek is produced only in very small quantities.

The label, an original drawing of Corner Creek by noted artist William Nagle, is one that brings back the good, relaxed feeling of sitting by the old creek, listening to the rushing water while sipping on fine bourbon whiskey. In a slope shouldered bottle, with the art dominating the front label, and a smokey blue neck wrap, the bottle will not only stand out on the shelf, but also on the back bar”.

To the bourbon:

88 Proof Small Batch

Age: 8 years

Bottle Statements:

Aged is New American Oak

An exceptional marriage of the finest selected grains.

“… lightly filtered so that it retains all its complex flavor and is bottled in a natural state…”

First notes:

This is an extremely tasty 8 year old bourbon and is economical price for what lies within. It is presented in a wine bottle that has a slight green tint to it. The bourbon boons a rich reddish tint while in the bottle. The topper is cork and the label appears to have a hand drawn image of the creek.


The color is beautiful for an 8 year old. Has a golden amber hue with a slight buckwheat honey or molasses tint to it.

First nose:

The first nose right out of the bottle is of the barrel. Light oak, molasses and rye notes emerge.

Nose in a glass:

Sweet corn and wheat are the strongest notes here. This batch is made up of Corn, Rye and wheat and is interesting that the rye and wheat notes come out at different points. Hints of spiced apples and oak char round things out.


Very nice and very tasty! A nice oaky and nutty after palate presence appears at the end. A few other bourbons have too much “Woody/Oaky” palate presence (i.e. Knob Creek). Corner Creek has a nice balance between flavors and palate intensity. It has just enough flavor to it  and with a nice rye/pepper intensity that lingers around on your tongue. Pleasant corn sweetness arrives just after the apex of palate presence.

Best enjoyed neat or right out of the freezer, if you enjoy your bourbon cold (as I do). This bourbon has just enough of a spicy rye presence for you to add a slight drop of spring water but, only a drop. On a side note: If you happen to enjoy 1792 Ridgemont Reserve and wanted to try something with just a bit of char and oaky finish, then I would recommend Corner Creek Reserve.


This expression is a great one and has become a staple of mine for some time and is very nice yet, it could be exceptional if allowed to age a bit longer and bottled at a slightly higher proof. I would serve this bourbon without worry that someone would not like for it. It has a very nice mingling of rye and wheat and some definite nuttiness to round this off. The nicest thing about this Small Batch is that it has Not been raped of its character and flavor from over filtering.

I believe that Corner Creek Reserve out does a number of other 8 year old bourbons; such as Jim Beam Double aged 8 year old, McAfee Benchmark Old No. 8, Old Charter 8 year old and certainly out does a number of other bourbons in it price range. This bourbon would be a great first time introduction to bourbon or could be enjoyed by an enthusiast as well. Corner Creek  is just another reason that price does not mean everything in the world of Bourbon and was recently awarded a 92 Rating by the Beverage Testing Institute.

Outsider review:

Bright light amber color. Sweet roasted corn, clay, and buttery pistachio praline aromas follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with dried fruits, toffee, dusty grain, and oak spice notes. Finishes with a nice lingering resonant earthy, spicy fade. Very solid and old school bourbon to be enjoyed by all.

There will be a new review about every week. Stay tuned in for future reviews. Please write if you have a specific bourbon you would like a review on next!


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