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Newest Bourbon Review: Old Grand-Dad 114 Bourbon

October 12, 2011

Old Grand-Dad 114 Bourbon

The date is 10-12-2011 and this bottle of bourbon is higher proof and fully delightful. 114 Proof and if you have not had a bourbon around this proof before then this will be a true experience for you. In order for a bourbon to be bottled at this proof it needs to be aged very well so that it melts into your mouth instead of blowing it away. This bourbon was an original recipe of the Hayden family (i.e. Basil Hayden (8 year old – 80 Proof) Straight Bourbon) which is currently produced by Jim Beam. It is said to be name after Raymond B. Hayden’s grand father (his Old Grand-Dad). Even though there is no age statement, this Old Grand-Dad (OGD) bourbon is aged well. My guess would be somewhere between 8-14 years and would be considered to be a small batch bourbon. Noah’s Mill single barrel bourbon (apart of the Willett family, aged 15 years) is also proofed at 114 proof. If you like Noah’s then you will enjoy OGD 114 as well; at half the cost!

To the bourbon:

114 Proof

Age: No age statement

Price $24.00

Bottle statements:

Lot No. 1

“…made from a unique recipe that uses more of the costly small grains…”

“…fine bourbon bottled at 114 proof to preserve every drop…”

First notes:

The first thing I noticed is that the bronze colored wax imprint on the breast of the bottle. The bottle itself has very nice broad shoulders and has a very robust 114 cork topper.


This bourbon has a deep coppery/bronze hue with a lavish reddish tint.

First nose:

There is a sent of delicious bottled here and has a real bourbon nose. You can notice the extra grain used in the batch. A number of bourbons use a lot of corn, nearing its max of 80%. Don’t get me wrong corn is necessary and lovely in its own right but, when a bourbon has a higher rye or wheat content your mouth and nose will thank you for it.

Nose in a glass:

The corn and rye notes blossom in the glass. No ice or water is added yet, believe me, it is not needed. Yet, when and if you put a spot of spring water into it something magical happens. Plumes of bubble gum and marshmallow appear.


This bourbon is a beautiful 114 proof. It is very smooth and extremely well balanced from start to finish. It has a long lasting finish with vanilla, rye, roasted corn with just enough of sweet honey dew. It dances on ones tongue from sip to sip and it is something that you could enjoy all night.


This is the only Old Grand-Dad bourbon I have ever known and it will be the last, no other will be better. I wish I knew the age of the bourbon so that I could say, “I thought so” or be simply impressed by its lack of age! This is truly a sipping bourbon that could be enjoyed at any time of the day or night and even in front of a roaring fire. I truly would compare it to Noah’s Mill Single barrel (but, not quite as lovely), which is a bourbon that I am extremely fond of. I do think that it is a bit younger than that though and this one does not have the same creamy, velvety and honey pallet presences but, is still very nice. This is truly a bourbon that everyone should try and keep on their shelf and you cannot beat the price for a bourbon like this one. Once again price does not mean everything in the world of Bourbon.

Outsider review:

Old Grand-Dad 114 is something not to light matches near. This is high octane and full of flavor. The nose is rich with lots of spice and vanilla. The palate gets drenched with old time flavors of creamed corn, soft dough and faint peach cobbler. The finish lingers, delightfully.

There will be a new review about every week. Stay tuned in for future reviews. Please write if you have a specific bourbon you would like a review on next!

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