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Newest Bourbon Review: Jim Beam “Distillers Series” Limited Edition

September 18, 2011

Jim Beam “Distillers Series”  Limited Edition

The date is 9-18-2011 and today we are reviewing a Limited Edition release on one of the biggest names in bourbon, “Jim Beam”.  Jim Beam’s seven (7) year old Distillers Series Bourbon. This bourbon and it’s bottle special due to it limited edition label featuring all seven (7) Master Distillers and it’s raised proof to 90. Beam has a seven (7) year old bourbon that I like to call the “Red Cap” bourbon. It’s proof is 80 and it will be review at a later date.

To the bourbon:

90 Proof Mingled

Aged 7 years

Price $20.00

Bottle notes:

The bourbon bottle is clear in color and has a screw cap which is very classic to Beams’ other bourbon lines.

Bottle statments:

One Family, Beam Recipe, Since 1795

First notes:

The first thing I noticed is that the label is quite nice. It has all seven (7) pictures on it with stories of each Master Distiller. One the front it has the current, Frederick Booker Noe III. Also, it is completely clear so you can see all of the great Beam bourbon within.


This is another great looking bourbon for its age. It has a deep but, not dark, golden amber hue that looks very inviting.

First nose:

A very sweet corn syrup nose with a splash of bourbon.

Nose in a glass:

Again, sweet corn but, the extra proof is shining through with a hint of wild cherry and vanilla.


This bourbon has a slight pepper note at first with a dry rye note. The bourbon is a very sweet tasting one. The flavor is short lived but, has enough to linger on your tongue from sip to sip. The slightest hint of char and mint is on the pallet toward the end of the profile. I would say best served with a lot of ice of in a mixed drink (may be perfect for a Mint Julep).


Again, this bourbon is very sweet, almost too sweet for me. The flavor profile is very simple and does not lead must to anyone’s imagination. This would be great for a first time bourbon drinker but, beware what you drink it with, no sweets or after one. I think that Beam could have done better with this limited edition bourbon.

I will keep it on my shelf as a great display item but, definitely will not be an everyday drinker. The very first time that I tried the “Distillers Series” I thought I was drinking a liqueur that you might with Tea.  The proof is right for a mixed drink but, you had better have a sweet tooth.

Outsider review:

Jim Beam Distiller’s Series 7 Year Bourbon is aged to bring depth, intensity, flavor and balance. An icon that has 200 years of tradition producing a legendary bourbon.

There will be a new review about every week. Stay tuned in for future reviews. Please write if you have a specific bourbon you would like a review on next!

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